Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan @ The Tech Report

http://techreport.com/review/24381/nvidia-geforce-gtx-titan-reviewed | | 24/02/2013 | 0 Review(s)

You may have noticed that, in 2013, things have gotten distinctly weird in the world of the traditional personal computer. The PC is besieged on all sides by sliding sales, gloom-and-doom prophecies, and people making ridiculous claims about how folks would rather play shooters with a gamepad than a mouse and keyboard. There's no accounting for taste, I suppose, which perhaps explains that last one. Fortunately, there is accounting for other things, and the fact remains that PC gaming is a very big business. Yet the PC is in a weird place, with lots of uncertainty clouding its future, which probably helps explain why Nvidia has taken so long—nearly a year after the debut of the GeForce GTX 680—to wrap a graphics card around the biggest chip based on its Kepler architecture, the GK110.

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