Hidden FP Units on Bulldozer CPU

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Hidden FP Units on Bulldozer CPU

Beitragvon c0rwyn » Mo 24. Jun 2013, 16:49

Hi everyone,
I apologise for not speaking good enough german. I hope you guys can understand my english.

don't know if you saw this but there seem to be a way to unlock (:confused :) extra FP Units on K15 architecture. This thread here explains how and also underline the fact that can be done via BIOS Update.
It's probably a fake. But if it's not it might be something that can be taken up to Asrock
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Beitragvon ASRock_USer » Mo 24. Jun 2013, 22:17

Sime times ago I read about this here:

There are no "hidden FP unizs" enabled. Obviously some internal registers etc are changed. As long as there is no official solution from AMD it might not be implemented directly in the BIOS.
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