BFS - Brain Fuck Scheduler (Linux)

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BFS - Brain Fuck Scheduler (Linux)

Beitragvon Goldfield » Sa 5. Dez 2009, 08:37


Re: BFS - Brain Fuck Scheduler (Linux)

Beitragvon Goldfield » Mi 1. Dez 2010, 17:14

"Phoronix recently published an article regarding a ~200 lines Linux Kernel patch that improves responsiveness under system strain. Well, Lennart Poettering, a RedHat developer replied to Linus Torvalds on a maling list with an alternative to this patch that does the same thing yet all you have to do is run 2 commands and paste 4 lines in your ~/.bashrc file. I know it sounds unbelievable, but apparently someone even ran some tests which prove that Lennart's solution works. Read on!"


script (nur Debian/?buntu):

btw., bfs ist immer noch besser!


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