Digitech HDX BD-1 Firmware Updates

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Digitech HDX BD-1 Firmware Updates

Beitragvon lazy » Sa 24. Apr 2010, 15:40

Digitech HDX BD-1 Firmware 4.14

[tt]Release Notes:
Improved photo slideshow usability.
Added WIFI support for TPLINK WN821N USB Dongle (version 2.0)
Added manual network configuration with credentials.
Added CSI integration for HDD format.
Improved overall network streaming bitrate to >50Mbps (recommend NFS protocol)
Brand new UI for file management.
BT transmission added. (to access, use your browser and visit http://HDXBD.YOUR.IP:9091
Added autoframe rate
Added colorspace handling
Added deepcolor support
Note: Unzip into the root of your USB thumbdrive. Browse to usbupdate.html to update.[/tt]

Download: Digitech HDX BD-1 Firmware 4.14

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