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Cooler Master V1000 Netzteil @ Technic3D

Technic3D hat das Cooler Master V1000 Netzteil mit 1.000 Watt im Test. Es steht stellvertretend für die aktuelle V-Serie auf dem Teststand. Ob das Cooler Master Netzteil sich optimal positionieren kann, steht im nachfolgenden Review There are no ratings yet Mehr lesen »

Cooler Master V Series 1000 W @ Techpowerup

Cooler Master teamed up with Seasonic to make a strong entry into the high-end category where it faces competition using the same OEM (Seasonic). The new V series consists of three models. Today, we will test the strongest one featuring a capacity of 1 kW, a fully modular cabling design, Gold efficiency, and a single +12V rail. There are no ... Mehr lesen »

Cooler Master Centurion 6 @ Techpowerup

After the Centurion 5 in 2004, Cooler Master is rebooting the Centurion series with the 6th edition of the chassis. The series has always been known for offering excellent quality and good features for a small price. Will the Centurion 6 make its predecessors proud, or will it just in cash on the name? There are no ratings yet Mehr lesen »

Cooler Master Seidon 120XL @ Techpowerup

In a crowded market where everyone is releasing all-in-one liquid CPU coolers, is Cooler Master’s Seidon 120XL different enough to distinguish itself from the competition? The low price point of $89 is certainly enough to attract attention. There are no ratings yet Mehr lesen »

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