Colorful Announced an Quad-View GT640

Colorful unveiled a new GeForce GT640, the GT640 PRO X4. Just as the name, the graphics solution delivers a reliable platform to ensure a stable business environment and to meet the needs of four displays connectivity. The display connectivity options include two DMS59 ports, and cables are provided that convert each DMS59 to two DVI-I single-link, which supports digital resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 pixels. And each of the DMS59 ports uses EMI shield for reducing the noise signals.

The card is based on single slot, full height and fan cooler design. The clock is the same as the reference card, the core runs at 900MHz, and the GDDR3 memory runs at 1782MHz. The GT640 PRO X4 uses NVIDIA GK107 with 28nm architecture, and the TDP is only 65W. Unlike the low-end muti-display solutions, the Colorful GT640 PRO X4 has 384 CUDA cores and 2G memory to meet the need of large resolution. Pricing information is not released.

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