Erster kommerziell käufliche Flüssigmetall CPU-Kühler – Danamics LM10

 Erster kommerziell käufliche Flüssigmetall CPU Kühler   Danamics LM10

Dieser CPU-Kühler verfügt weiterhin über eine, für die Kühlung benötigte, eingebaute elektromagnetische Pumpe die das Flüssigmetall "umwälzt".

 Erster kommerziell käufliche Flüssigmetall CPU Kühler   Danamics LM10

Liquid Metal has numerous key advantages compared to competing technologies, such as water-cooling or traditional air cooling. The most important ones are:

Ultimate performance
Danamics LM10 is the world’s best performing air-cooler. By utilizing the unique properties of liquid metal, the cooler has the lowest thermal resistance of any air-cooler in the market. The cooling capabilities exceeds most watercoolers in a single device.

Easy mounting
Compared to competing solutions, the Danamics LM10 is a true all-in-one product. There are no external housings, large reservoirs or bulky radiators. With liquid metal cooling you have true performance in a compact, self-contained unit. This makes mounting a breeze and the Danamics LM10 cooler can be mounted in minutes.

No moving parts
The superior liquid metal brings another advantage besides its efficiency. The properties of liquid metal make the use of an electromagnetic pump possible. Danamics’ patent pending multi-string pump delivers high flow combined with a very low power-draw of less than 1W.

No noise and no vibration
Compared to watercooling pumps, the electromagnetic pump used in Danamics LM10 cooler has numerous benefits. It is hermetically sealed and has no moving parts, which means that no noise or vibration is added to the system from the electromagnetic pump. Also the pump is orientation independent, which ensures maximum flexibility for users and system integrators.

Innovative technology
Danamics LM10 is built from the ground up using innovative technology. The combination of liquid metal and an electromagnetic pump is all new in commercial cooling devices, bringing true high-tech to your desktop

Wann genau der Kühler erhältlich sein wird steht noch nicht fest auch kann man gespannt sein wie sich dieser Kühler schlagen wird gegenüber seinen "normalen" Konkurrenten.

Weiter Infos direkt bei DANAMICS.

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 Erster kommerziell käufliche Flüssigmetall CPU Kühler   Danamics LM10
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